7 Top Selling NFTs You Should Consider Investing In 2022

Over the course of the past several years, the market for NFTs has experienced substantial expansion, and this expansion is only the beginning. With the expectation of making a profit from NFTs, a growing number of investors are getting involved in this industry. However, only specific ones have the possibility of providing returns.

Following are the top 7 selling NFT’s you cannot afford to miss out in 2022. If you have figured them out already, stick around till the end of this article.

Lucky Block

Players that are interested in winning prizes will find that the Lucky Block platform offers a lot of opportunities to do so. Players are able to enter draws on this NFT competition platform by purchasing tickets with the site’s native token, LBLOCK.

Players are required to purchase at least five years in order to take part in a draw. Each ticket comes with the price tag of $1.

Purchasing tickets from Lucky Block will not incur any additional costs due to transaction fees. Participants that take part in drawings have the opportunity to win a weekly main prize of $50,000, which will be awarded in LBLOCK.

Additionally, on Fridays of each week, the platform holds weekly NFT drawings.

This platform will soon make it possible for users to use fiat cash to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, since Lucky Block launched an ERC20 token, LBLOCK’s visibility has expanded significantly.

The platform made this move because it hoped major exchanges would start trading the coin. That is exactly what happened there. You may trade LBLOCK on the MEXC and LBank markets.

If players hold LBLOCK, they not only have a chance of winning the draws, but they also have a possibility of generating a profit on their holdings.

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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is an NFT project that has been around for a while but must be mentioned whenever there is a discussion about the finest NFT play-to-earn games.

BUy Axie Infinity

Keeping in mind that it was one of the first games of its kind to provide players the opportunity to earn prizes while also enjoying themselves, this platform has attracted a large number of players.

To receive prizes, players must first acquire riches and then fortify their armies in order to prevail over other players.

In addition, users have the ability to breed virtual creatures known as Axies and compete against one another in the Battle Arena for the chance to win real money awards.

However, the use of the platform’s token has also been demonstrated. Before July 2021, investors who bought AXS currency were rewarded with a 5,200% surge that lasted until November 2021. There is still a lot of potential in this token and is definitely worth investing in even today.


Your capital is at risk


Although Silks is a virtual horse racing game, it utilizes components from the actual world to provide a more lifelike experience for players. Because the makers of the game included the births of real horses in this simulation, the NFT classifies it as a derivative work.

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However, horses mature during the course of their lives, and the game is designed to be able to follow a genuine horse’s growth and physical characteristics in order to present players with the most up-to-date information about thoroughbreds.

Silks provide gamers the opportunity to make money as they play. To gain money, players can develop the property they own into horse farms as one method of doing so.

Players have the ability to increase the value of their farms by purchasing and adding assets, and they may even speculate on property.

Another method of making money is to take part in equestrian competitions and to breed horses. In addition to receiving compensation for making contributions to the ecosystem, participants are given the opportunity to wager their $SLK, which is the native currency of the platform.

Silks is without a doubt one of the very greatest play-to-earn games on the market today because of how well it replicates the experience of riding real-life horses inside a digital setting.

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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a game that will appeal to players who like to participate in multiplayer competitions and purchase land. Players have the opportunity to gain prizes by participating in activities such as fishing, interacting with other players’ neighbors, and gathering NFTs.

Buy My Neighbour Alice

Players not only have the ability to raise the worth of the property they own, but they can also employ in-game assets to make the overall experience of playing the game more pleasurable. The game has a variety of objects, including food, animals, and cosmetics, among other things.

The Alice currency, denoted by the ticker symbol ALICE, can be purchased by players who want to own land and utilize particular DeFi goods. Because it provides both amusement and incentives, this game is easily one of the most worthwhile non-fiction titles (NFTs) to purchase.


Your capital is at risk


Due to their lack of financial resources, some people are unable to get their feet wet in the world of real estate investment. EstateX, on the other hand, is a platform that makes it possible for anybody to get engaged in real estate investing.


By utilizing blockchain technology, EstateX’s platform enables fractional ownership for investors of any size, regardless of their financial resources.

Its goal has been to allow anybody to own real estate, and it has accomplished this goal by allowing investors to purchase its own native coin, which is denoted by the symbol $ESX.


Majority of players that participate in the NFT ecosystem are familiar with Decentraland or have at least heard of it. It is one of the most successful NFT ventures because it turned the buying and selling of real estate into a game with tangible incentives for participants.


Land transactions are the primary source of revenue for players. Players have the opportunity to boost their revenues by improving the value of their property by constructing buildings and other improvements.

The territory of Decentraland is subdivided into pieces. Players make purchases using the MANA native token, which is exclusive to this platform. Because possessing MANA has been shown to be profitable for certain investors, the land itself is not the only thing that is valued here.


Your capital is at risk

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity was selected as the best option among all of the NFTs that we investigated since it offered players the greatest number of advantages. Players stand to gain in a variety of ways thanks to the six different platforms to which they have access.

Battle Infinity

The decentralized marketplace known as Battle Swap is a fantastic location to get started with this game.

On Battle Swap, players have the opportunity to purchase IBAT, the native token of the platform, and subsequently sell their prizes in exchange for other currencies.

The IBAT Premier League is where the majority of the action takes place. In this section, players construct their teams and make acquisitions of the most talented players in order to get an advantage over their rivals.

But in order to participate in matches and leagues, participants require NFT passes. In addition, they are able to acquire them via the Battle Marketplace.

The designers of the game turned in-game items into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so that players may get value from such goods.

The participants will explore the Metaverse while they are in the Battle Arena. They will interact with other gamers in real time while wearing their virtual reality headsets as they travel through a digital world.

The players utilize their own one-of-a-kind avatars, which they outfit using the NFTs that they acquire from the Battle Marketplace. Battle Infinity has provided gamers with access to a variety of games in the Battle Games category.

Players have the opportunity to compete in Battle Stake for the biggest prizes due to the fact that this game provides play-to-earn. IBAT coins can be staked in one of three different ways, and players compete to see who can earn the highest yearly percentage yield.

The site also provides prizes for participants that are extremely active inside the global staking pool. There, the first half of the IBAT transaction fees is stored before being redistributed to the most dedicated participants.

IBAT should be purchased by players while it is still available for presale. Therefore, the timing is right now.

The presale for Battle Infinity began on the 11th of July 2022 and will continue only until the 10th of October 2022. Consider investing in IBAT and you will reap the benefits of its discounted price in the future.

The easiest method to ensure that you are always up to date with the most recent changes to the game is to subscribe to the Battle Infinity channel on Telegram.

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