Andrew Tate Rallies Behind Bitcoin and Says that Money is Trash

Social Media hustler and viral sensation Andrew Tate is in the news again. And no, it is not about his comments against women or social media ban but his support for crypto. The kickboxing world champion has come out and straight up said that fiat money is “trash,” and cryptocurrency is where the true wealth lies.

Andrew Tate’s Bitcoin Endorsement Must be Taken with a Grain of Salt

Within a short period of time, Andrew Tate has amassed more followers and infamy than one can even dream of. But this lifestyle guru is someone that appeals to those who’re living in a perceived “red pill” society. Moreover, his “Hustler University” has been called a scam and something akin to “multi-level marketing,” His hot takes on women and money has caused him to draw as much ire as Alex Jones.

Andrew Tate revealed his bullishness about the world’s first crypto in his interview with Bitcoin Investor Anthony Pompliano, a podcaster and one of the biggest names in the crypto influencers market. The infectious fear of “cancellation” caused Pompliano to add to his interview with Andrew Tate that he doesn’t agree with everything he says.

So Why Does Andrew is On-Board the Crypto Train all of a Sudden

Andrew Tate hasn’t been very supportive of cryptos or NFTs in the past. He has gone as far as to say that “everyone was able to become a millionaire of NFTs in 2021, and it isn’t that big of a deal.”

However, in his latest interview, Andrew revealed that his financial awakening began as he dived deep into researching money. The questions like “What is Money?”, “how do banks work?” and “How does credit work” to the more complicated questions like “How does fractional reserve banking work?”

His questions led him to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, it wasn’t inspiration that led him to that point; it was lack of money.

“I was mad that I didn’t have enough money. Then when I read about crypto, I realized that money is trash and I didn’t have any, which made me even more mad.” – Andrew.

But like always, minor coherent sentences conflated into ramblings about women that how “beautiful women are an asset class,” and how he could make money from them. The interview further explained how he started his webcam by employing women he met while traveling.

But that’s as far as we go about the sordid tale of the now banned crypto guru. What our purpose is, is to give you a better option than bitcoin for crypto investment.

Bitcoin is good and all – but

There is no denying the wealth-creating power of Bitcoin. When it crossed the $67 level a few years ago, it transformed many lives, turning millionaires into billionaires and starting investors into millionaires. But the more it grew, the more out of reach it became for the newbies who, for too long, have been staring at the crypto market from the sidelines. Simply put, Bitcoin didn’t encourage blockchain adoption.

And add to the fact that it is Proof-of-Mining crypto that has turned many people away from Bitcoin due to energy concerns. Chances are unless you are a purist, you won’t pick Bitcoin as a first choice.

So what’s the alternative? There are many. There is one of the best altcoins in the world, Ethereum, that’s about to go through the merge upgrade and evolve. Other tokens, such as Solana, Matic, and others, are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. However, the token that captures the crypto crowd’s imagination nowadays is Tamadoge.

Tamadoge is Better than Cash

Whether you’re with or against Andrew Tate’s ideology, you can’t deny a sense of truth when he talks about crypto and fiat money.

Fiat Money Is Not Deflationary

You can always print money. That is the reason why the inflation rate post-2020 has skyrocketed so much. The pandemic made the US government desperate, which caused them to print money on a large scale. It was in 2022 when those chickens came home to roost, and the US now has an inflation rate of 8.5%.

Tamadoge, on the other hand, is deflationary. 5% of its is burned after every transaction, which keeps its scarcity up and the possibility of its price going higher.

Tamadoge Is Decentralized

Tamadoge is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is decentralized, which gives you, the holder of TAMA tokens, greater control over the funds. Can you say the same about cash?

Tamadoge Will Help You Generate More Wealth

While you spend money to make money, it won’t be as fun as Tamadoge. With its play-to-earn ecosystem, you’d be able to earn profits via skill-based gameplay.

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Andrew Tate is Rightly Bullish About Crypto

Despite all his faults, Andrew Tate has hit the point home with his stance about crypto. It is the future of finance and gives you, the holder, all the control.

But it all depends on the type of cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Bitcoin is big and the go-to for many crypto investors but it is also expensive. Tamadoge, on the other hand, is not. It is currently in the sixth stage of its presale, and you can grab 44.44 TAMA tokens by spending only 1 USDT.

To know more about that project, visit its official website.

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