BabyDoge Swap Testnet Live Soon But Tamadoge is Where the Action is

The team building BabyDoge, a meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, recently announced the launch of its swap test net on August 15, but could new coin Tamadoge be the better investment?

BabyDoge’s news of about its decentralised exchange development comes slightly over a week since the team began scouting for projects with which to join forces.

In the past, it has also claimed to be the first swap protocol to support token swapping at zero fees. The community expects other features like staking and yield farming to be rolled with the swap test net.

“Our swap is not just a swap; it will also have innovation such as Farming and Staking as well as a service so any project can create a farm or staking, adding utility to their project!” BabyDoge Twitter thread read in part.

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BabyDoge Making Slow Progress But Tamadoge Sale is Booming

BABYDOGE, the token powering the meme coin platform, had gained a mere 2.8% while recording about $8 million in trading volume across all exchanges.

The meme coin currently trades at $0.000000001565, according to data from CoinMarketCap. Despite the announcement on the swap test net, BABYDOGE is still down 75.3% from its all-time high of $0.000000006345 in January 2022.

As the cryptocurrency market wades through the murky waters in the bear run, meme coins like BabyDoge are building day and night to increase utility and create value for investors.

Meanwhile, no one is clear about the state of the market and whether cryptocurrencies will continue exploring more downhill levels. For this reason, investors are hunting for tokens backed by multiple utilities with unbeatable potential to build value as an alternative to buying Bitcoin (BTC).

One such crypto project is Tamadoge. This project combines the mass appeal of meme coins and other cutting-edge technologies in play-to-earn (P2E) games and the metaverse. Tamadoge is a game changer in its sector – which is why its token is being snapped up in presale.

Currently priced at 1 USDT buys 80 TAMA, the price will rise after the current 100 million tokens on sale have gone, rising to 1 USDT buys 66.7 TAMA.

Our analysis shows that TAMA, the token powering the revolutionary platform, can topple established meme coins like Floki Inu (FLOKI), Dogelon Mars (ELON) and SafeMoon Inu (SMI).

Why Tamadoge Is Superior To BabyDoge

Tamadoge launched in July 2022, but its presale is underway , after its beta sale sold out in record time by raising $2 million in around two weeks.

. The team expects to raise $2 million in this stage with TAMA tokens selling at a discount. Investors interested in purchasing the next Dogecoin and Shiba Inu should consider doing so before the beta presale ends – after which the price will shoot by 25%.

The team has planned for a general presale in the fourth quarter, but for now, investors can purchase TAMA on using either ETH or USDT. It is worth mentioning that there is only a $10 minimum investment and no maximum, but it is recommended to buy tokens worth $150.

Tamadoge sells at $0.01 in the beta presale; thus, $100 will buy 10,000 TAMA. Market participants have the liberty to use either Metamask or Trust wallet when purchasing the tokens. Since Tamadoge does not have a vesting period, investors should focus on taking advantage of its initial price.

Tamadoge Revolutionizes The Meme Coin Segment

The meme coin segment of the cryptocurrency industry is buzzing with tokens with little to no utility, but Tamadoge is changing that narrative. This lack of utility has been evident during the bear market, with tokens crashing by over 90% from their all-time highs.

The team behind Tamadoge put a lot of emphasis on the P2E industry, with a fun game that has the power to appeal to both non-crypto participants and gamers. Tamadoge pets are at the core of the project.

They are mintable, tradable and function as NFTs. Users will buy Tamadoge pets as babies – with different stats – boasting unique strengths and weaknesses. Tamadoge pets grow and mature as holders feed and play with them. Grown Tamadoge pets can participate in monthly battles for the first spot on the leaderboard. The game arena will live up to its name by incorporating additional P2E mechanics.

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What is the Tamaverse?

The Tamaverse will launch later but will transform how people view NFTs and the metaverse.

Every Tamadoge NFT will come with a fully rigged animated 3D model to allow a seamless integration into existing metaverse environments.

Users will experience the metaverse without bounds, as they will take their Tamadoge pets across the larger metaverse. The augmented reality Tamadoge app will be much closer to reality, where users will walk Tamadoge pets in real life settings.

Tamadoge Has No Tax on TAMA Token Transactions

The Tamadoge team is also taking an unpopular approach by not charging transaction tax. Transaction taxes are simply taxes imposed by most crypto projects. The exercise involves deducting a percentage of all the tokens bought, sold, or transferred to secure long-term funding.

The decision to do away with the transaction tax model is well grounded in the team’s belief that projects should strive to create real value and not rely only on transaction-based revenue. Besides, Tamadoge boasts solid utilities with the ability to build value continually.

This Meme Coin’s Tokenomics Are Deflationary to Support Price

Meme coins are known to have an enormous amount of tokens, allowing investors to own millions of them with little money. For instance, Floki Inu has a total supply of 10 trillion tokens, while Shiba Inu boasts 589 trillion tokens despite the ongoing burning process. Other projects with a peculiar number of tokens are BabyDoge at 420 quadrillions and Dogelon Mars at 548 trillion.

Tamadoge stands out in this area by presenting itself as a deflationary token. Inflationary tokens have an unlimited supply of tokens, while deflationary tokens like TAMA have a fixed number of tokens in circulation.

Tamadoge’s maximum supply is capped at 2 billion, but only 1 billion tokens will initially go into circulation. Of the remaining 1 billion tokens, 400 million will remain unminted because they are reserved for exchange listings. The remaining 600 million will be minted over the next ten years to grow the project.

Roadmap – What to Expect From Tamadoge and When

A lot has been planned to ensure Tamadoge lives up to its status in the meme coin segment of the cryptocurrency industry. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, the team will focus on conducting a successful presale.

During this period, it has launched the website, conducted a full security audit and will start working with influencers to market the project.

In the subsequent quarter, Tamadoge Petstore will go live alongside battle Leaderboard. Users will be able to battle their Tamadoge pets on the leaderboard and participate in P2E games and giveaways.

In 2023, the team will mainly channel its efforts to expanding CEX listings, Tamadoge P2E and the launch of Tamadoge AR, allowing users to play with Tamadoge pets in real life.

Conclusion – Tamadoge a New Sort of Meme Coin That Delivers Real Utility

Meme coins can no longer rely on social media hype to create value. Investors have realized that hyped gains are quickly erased as the conversation surrounding the crypto project dies. There is a need to build platforms that can be used in real life.

Most of the existing meme coin projects are currently working around the clock to develop different types of utility features. For instance, BabyDoge will soon launch a swap test net, Shiba Inu a metaverse and Floki Inu with its charitability features.

The Tamadoge team, rumored to have come from different meme coin projects, understands that creating utility will set TAMA apart among its peers. Hence the revolutionary focus on NFTs, P2E games and the metaverse.

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