Battle Infinity is Coming to LBank on 26th August – IBAT Pumps

Battle Infinity confirmed yesterday that IBAT is coming to LBank on 26th August 2022 – leading to IBAT’s recent pump.

The token made its foray into a cryptocurrency exchange a few days after completing its successful presale – it finished 66 days ahead of its time. Upon being listed on PancakeSwap, the token’s value gained a 700% uptick, and the recent announcement has pushed the token’s value by 400%.

Battle Infinity keeps on Breaking New Grounds

Battle Infinity first became visible in early July, showing its ambition to create a multiverse of the metaverse and challenging the existing norms of DeFi. And as the crowd was already saddling to ride the wave of a cryptocurrency with immense utility – it responded. After hitting its soft cap target of 2000 BNB within the first week of the sale, Battle Infinity witnessed the presale going out fast.

And by the end of the 24th day, IBAT met the presale target, and the crowd now waited to make massive gains through DEX listing.

What makes Battle Infinity such a Unique Cryptocurrency?

Metaverse cryptos are not new – they have been around for a long time – promising better use-cases for the cryptocurrencies and the NFTs in the virtual world. However, creating a bridge so players can jump from one metaverse to the next remains a far-fetched dream.

But that dream is what makes Battle Infinity unique. Sporting itself as a multiverse of the metaverse, Battle Infinity has offered many compelling reasons to gain the crypto crowd’s trust. These include.

  1. Inclusion of Battle Swap – an in-house decentralized exchange that lets users buy, sell or trade IBAT.
  2. The Battle Staking functionality lets people stake their IBAT tokens and earn APY and other rewards.
  3. Battle Games, Battle Arena, and Battle Market – a unified gaming ecosystem where players can buy avatars, customize them through NFTs, and jump into any game on the platform.

But the biggest draw of the Battle Infinity is the IBAT premiere league – bringing fantasy sports into the metaverse. The website says it is the first of its kind – and we are inclined to believe it.

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Battle Infinity IBAT – Withdrawal Dates and Times

If you’re getting ready to make massive gains on your current IBAT holdings, make sure to read the below schedule:

  1. If you’re a current holder, get ready to deposit on LBank from 25th August, 12 pm UTC.
  2. IBAT sale goes live on LBank on 26th August 2022.
  3. You’d be able to withdraw your gains or IBATs from 27th August at 12 pm UTC.

Many ask, why LBank? The cryptocurrency exchange is known for extending support for early-stage cryptos and has been instrumental in the success of NFT cryptos such as Lucky Block. Also, it is the 18th largest crypto exchange by search volume, with an average daily trading volume of $1 billion.

There are More Updates on the Way to Make a Bullish Case

The Battle Infinity Community on Telegram speculates that more updates about Battle Infinity are on the way. The team members have already said earlier that Battle Swap and Battle Stake would be the first products to launch on the platform.

Now the question is – what comes after LBank? The crypto market is watching the progress of IBAT closely and is anticipating that Binance listing might be next – considering IBAT is a BEP 20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Battle Infinity – New Metaverse Game

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  • Presale Sold Out Early – Upcoming PancakeSwap Listing
  • First Fantasy Sports NFT Game
  • Play to Earn Utility – IBAT Token
  • Powered By Unreal Engine
  • CoinSniper Verified, Solid Proof Audited
  • Roadmap & Whitepaper at

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