Crypto content providers complain of service suspension by Mailchimp

Mailchimp, an email marketing platform, has suspended services to creators of crypto content. Platforms offering crypto content services, including news and related services, are experiencing issues logging in to their Mailchimp accounts. Over the past week, there have been multiple news of service interruptions.

Mailchimp suspends services

Accounts providing crypto-related services such as the Edge Wallet and Messari are some of the affected ones. The Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program is also reportedly facing similar issues.

Cory Klippsten from Swan Private Bitcoin investment advisory firm has addressed the issue with Mailchimp. Klippsten has called upon the other email marketing agencies to use this chance to step up and fill the gap left after crypto companies started facing issues with the platform.

Several crypto news publication sites have also been affected by the Mailchimp service disruption. Later reports have claimed that accounts that were disabled or suspended from the platform violated its service terms. The Mailchimp website adds that the violation is cited under the “Acceptable Use” policy highlighting blocked content.

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The policy further adds that cryptocurrencies and all other digital assets linked to an Initial Coin Offering are banned from the platform following high abuse complaints. The site policy further states that its policy was updated in May 2021. In 2021, Mailchimp revealed its acquisition by Intuit, a financial service company.

Crypto content banned by social platforms

The past few weeks have been filled with complaints of service disruptions by Mailchimp. However, it is not the first time Mailchimp has restricted crypto content providers from using its services. A similar occurrence happened in 2018.

In 2018, several platforms started cracking down on crypto content. During that year, Meta, formerly Facebook, banned crypto advertisements on its platform for violating regulatory requirements.

However, the company later confirmed that it was necessarily banning all crypto content from its platform. Instead, crypto information could be sent on the platform only if the sender is not involved in creating, selling, exchanging, storing, and marketing crypto assets. In the recent case, Mailchimp has not provided an official statement regarding these developments.

The statement released on Wednesday was a message from the former CEO of Mailchimp and the company’s co-founder, Ben Chestnut. He said he would formally step down from this position after 21 years. Rania Succar will now be the company’s new CEO and be part of Intuit.

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