Gatenox raises $2.5 million to assist firms with regulatory solutions

Gatenox has raised about $2.5 million from a funding round. Notable firms like C3 VC fund, A100x ventures, and investors like Matthew Niemerg and Antoni Zolciak participated in the round. 

The firm hopes to provide more solutions to meet regulatory demands with the funds adequately. The firm offers solutions that help customers comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. As revealed, the idea of services Gatenox offers also allows businesses within the crypto space to abide by the demands of regulators. 

One of the firm’s co-founders, Pawel Kuskowski, recalled his experiences working with financial institutions. Then, Kuskowski witnessed how firms struggled to grow their businesses within regulatory stipulations. Gatenox aims to provide relatively cheap solutions that will aid crypto setups to abide by regulations. The firm’s vision aims to provide this solution to assist companies struggling to set up teams and mechanisms to operate within the laws. 

Pawel Kuskowski divulged that corporate onboarding solutions are gradually going into extinction. The Co-Founder revealed how it’s difficult to onboard to crypto exchange platforms. Kuskowski indicated that it’s difficult for corporate users to access DeFi and crypto platforms due to market stipulations. 

Furthermore, the Co-Founder described how the struggles of LUNA, 3AC, and Celsius had increased regulatory attention on crypto. He conceded that the industry would benefit if it managed some future risks with the due approach.

Working alongside Wojciech Zatorski as the founder of Gatenox is Pawel, a former CEO and founder of Coinfirm. While Wojciech is a Fintech services expert, their collaboration led to the establishment of Gatenox in 2022. 

Accordingly, a Managing Partner of the C3 VC fund, Theo Woik, reflected on the situation. Woik opined that Know-Your-Business is gradually becoming a concern for firms operating in the crypto space. According to Woik, initiatives that help simplify credentials at the corporate level are in high demand. This is due to the challenges the industry has been enduring lately, including the emergence of various regulations.

Woik expressed confidence in the founders of Gatenox. The manager described them as experienced entrepreneurs able to develop and scale prominent SaaS solutions within and outside crypto.

Due to the market situation, Gatenox aims to assist firms and large-scale investors in tackling future regulatory issues. Through its initiative, the firm will aid users in connecting with the industry and getting the best out of it. Yet, this would be within regulatory stipulations. Before the end of this quarter, the firm hopes to launch some of its solutions for large-scale investors.


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