Google AI used to create an Artsy Monke NFT collection inspired by BAYC

Google Cloud Neural Networks has used its artificial intelligence software to create non-fungible token art. The AI software recreated all of the 10,000 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs into machine-created pieces of art in the form of abstract paintings.

Google AI recreates BAYC NFTs into art

These abstract paintings created by Google AI take the shape of apes resembling the popular BAYC collection by Yuga Labs. The project dubbed Artsy Monke was designed using advanced AI and image diffusion techniques. The images were created using Colab, a collaborative Notebook service developed by Google.

Google’s AI could recreate the NFTs using text descriptions and not just reference images. The BAYC NFTs were fed into the AI in “a loose canvas within which to frame the generative art.”

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CryptoGrims, the AI artist who worked on this initiative, applauded the move saying that it brought out the best part of art and technology. CryptoGrims also noted that after the AI was given the image canvas, it was trained on painting. Twenty art styles were selected and run on different servers for weeks to achieve the desired result.

Some of the AI-generated images are very similar to the BAYC images. Some of the Artsy Monke images also have micro worlds painted in the vague outline of the ape, while others are simple ape-shaped blended collages with futuristic traits.

Artsy Monke collection sells out

The Artsy Monke NFT collection was listed on OpenSea. However, unlike the high price of the original BAYC pieces, this collection was listed for sale for 0.0001 ETH, equivalent to $1.40. The collection was quickly sold out on OpenSea shortly after listing.

The creators said that the NFT could serve as a utility token for the holders by allowing them to participate in Artsy Monke games where they could earn real money. The blockchain developer behind the project, Dan Hovey, said that holders with more Monke NFTs get to play more games and make more money.

The launch of this BAYC NFT comes as the original BAYC NFTY continues to receive massive attention despite the bear market in the broader crypto space. The BAYC collection provides much utility to the holders. In July, BAYC owners registered to have their NFTs hired by other brands. Brands can use leased Ape NFTs for promotions.

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