Guarden Token Turning E-commerce Into B-Commerce ( Blockchain Commerce)


As payment services place certain requirements for security through money operations, tokenization has once again proven to be a solution to many problems in the money industry and raising the security to a new level. There is a lot of sensitive data in the world of finance, and as much data as there is, it must be protected in a certain way. Banking systems and the PCI DSS industry issue security standards and tighten them year after year, all in the service of protecting users and transactions. 

Tokenisation can be the solution to this problem by maintaining security benefits via the numeric or alphanumeric tokenization of card data, streamlining the process for the merchant Merchants and retailers that leverage tokenization can store tokens to complete future payment transactions. This is especially important for one-click payment systems and MIT (Merchant Initiated Transactions), where the merchant initiates the payment without the real-time presence of the customer, so-called automatic billing. 

For the last two years, the Guarden team has been working on just such a Token, which will bring a revolution in E-commerce and the card money industry. 

They have adopted all the security aspects and raised them to a new level, and they have achieved all this with an extremely low payment fee that will surely ensure that all E-commerce merchants will rush to adopt this payment method. B-commerce is a term that has been mentioned recently and which large E-commerce chains such as Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress failed to fully adapt. 

That’s why Guarden Token, with its native blockchain payment and e-merchant integration platform, has done just that. This is something that even Facebook has not been able to do with their Libra token.

With Libra, Facebook tried to be the first to turn the global financial system on its head but instead had to settle for a more conventional approach of yet another slightly more tech-advanced way of doing traditional e-commerce finance and launched WhatsApp payments in Brazil in June of last year.

This evolution (like most throughout history) will not be driven by today’s super rock-star-like entrepreneurs; their companies draw too much attention and commercial/political interests tie them down in infinite red tape. It will be led by the obscure unknown developers and entrepreneurs currently laying the blockchain foundations for what is to come.

A big leap from E-commerce to B-commerce. That is a complete transformation into B-commerce. This is why it adopted the nickname of the new Bitcoin and aroused great interest from investors who flocked en masse to the private press and invested in this interesting project. The new era of E-commerce is beginning with Guarden Token and it is called B-Commerce. You can read more about their project on the Guarden Token page.

Just a little info, Guarden Token public presale starts soon so hurry up and grab it while you can.

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