Maven 11 unveils a $40 million lending pool

Maple Finance has launched a fresh $40 million institutional lending pool. According to the firm, the initiative is a good reflection of positivity despite the current market situation. As revealed by Maple Finance, the pool is led by Maven 11 alongside other borrowers like Wintermute, Flow Traders, and Auros.

Meanwhile, the involvement of Flow Trader in the process marks its firm time of divulging into the DeFi initiative. According to Maple Finance CEO Sid Powell, the prominent Dutch trading company, Flow Traders, is joining the initiative due to its conviction about Maple Finance. Powell revealed that the firm is convinced about Maple Finance’s reputation as a leading marketplace for crypto capital. 

As one of the firms that offer undercollateralized lending initiatives for institutional lenders and corporate borrowers, Maple Finance has initiated numerous pools. Since its establishment last year, the organization has given out over $1.5 billion in loans. About $1 billion of the funds came in its first ten months of commencing operations. Maple Finance’s website reveals that its overall deposits now sit at $600 million.

On behalf of large-scale borrowers, the firm aggregates capital instead of allowing borrowers to negotiate deals. The firm also helps large-scale borrowers to avoid the stress of keeping tabs on their numerous lenders. With the help of Maple Finance, the assessment of borrowers’ risk and management of collateralized asset pools are done seamlessly.

Lenders went risk-off due to the crisis in the crypto space in the past few months. During that period, a prominent centralized lender, Celsius, suspended withdrawals and funds transfers. A few days later, the firm initiated Its bankruptcy proceedings. The crisis of Celsius consequently affected firms like Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and Voyager. 

Despite the extreme situation, borrowers remained active in the market. According to Powell, his firm decided to start lending again after catching glimpses of a favorable market situation. Meanwhile, Qredo, alongside digital asset investment company Maven 11, will work together to facilitate the lending pool. As revealed, Qredo will provide a multisig solution to manage blockchain addresses for adequate security and operations. 

However, the pool will aid a regulation-friendly process as institutional lenders must fulfill their KYC and Anti-money laundering requirements. Further, the latest round is Maven 11’s third lending pool on Maple Finance. The previous ones were worth about $500 million in total. With that, Maven 11 emerged as the second pool delegate on Maple Finance last year.

Lastly, Maple Finance hopes to integrate a good user experience into blockchain to develop the above crypto services. The firm is pushing to repeat its $3 trillion corporate finance market within the blockchain space. The platform relied on the Ethereum blockchain to operate; the firm extended its reliance to Solana around April.


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