MSBSD adopts blockchain to issue diploma certificates

Maharashtra State Board Of Skill Development (MSBSD) has issued over 100,000 verifiable virtual diploma certificates to its graduating students. MSBSD utilized the LegitDoc platform to develop the virtual certificates on the Polygon blockchain. 

According to the co-founder of LegitDoc, Neil Martis, the virtual certificates cannot tamper with because it’s recorded on the blockchain. Through the Polygon Blockchain, the credentials can also be verified to confirm their authenticity, Martis added. The virtual certificates initiative is a collaborative feat by the MSBSD and the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSINS).

Martis described innovation as a game changer. He revealed that it had ushered in a new era of data security, privacy, transparency, and cost reduction. For MSBSD, this is the first time the board will issue virtual certificates to students. Martis expressed his excitement by heaping praises on the board. He said the MSBSD refused to embrace orthodox virtual certificates by adopting on-chain virtual certificates.

Martis described the rigorous process the Board often goes through to issue hard copy certificates. According to him, the process usually takes time and the effort of numerous personnel. Also, verifying the certificates is time-consuming as well. He noted that it often requires the presence of three board officials and about a month for verification. The co-founder indicated that such a process doesn’t guarantee that the certificates would be error-free.

He opined that the initiative effectively hastened the issuance and verification of certificates. Martis asserted that deploying blockchain technology will push manual input aside and militate against errors. 

Furthermore, Martis illuminated the decision to use the Polygon blockchain. He recalled how the government had once initiated a similar project using the Ethereum blockchain. According to him, the scalability and enormous gas fee synonymous with Ethereum compelled the board to turn to Polygon.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra has been a significant adopter of blockchain technology. Recall that Maharashtra also invented the issuance of Covid 19 and caste certificates. The joint CEO of MSINS, Mithun John, reflected on the development. John revealed that Maharashtra had previously enjoyed remarkable success using the blockchain for some initiatives. The decision to virtualize the MSBSD diploma certificates manifested due to this track record.

The latest development underlines how blockchain is gaining due recognition across numerous sectors. The innovation is attaining a zenith of global recognition after its impact has been felt in industries like finance, banking, medicine, sports, entertainment, public health, and others. The world keeps waking up to various reports on the adoption of blockchain. 

In 2021, the blockchain market size was valued at $4.9 billion, with a strong indication to hit $67 billion by 2026 with a 68.4% compound annual growth rate due to the increasing adoption of blockchain for private and government projects across diverse sectors.


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