OKEx staff talk about trade automation and DeFi hub

OKEx, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has provided insights that will help new investors navigate the crypto space, which beginners usually deem complex.

OKEx is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange globally after Binance and Coinbase. The exchange reports billions of dollars in trading volumes, and it has listed 312 cryptocurrencies and offers 518 crypto trading pairs.

OKEx provides a simple trading interface

The cryptocurrency exchange is now launching a simple way for new traders to navigate the complex crypto sector. The exchange will be launching a simple trading interface that will navigate through sophisticated trading methods.

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During an AMA session with users in Cointelegraph Markets Pro, OKEx talked about the trading pools available in the market and other topics in the cryptocurrency sector. The staff also talked about meme coins and DeFi offerings on the exchange.

One of the issues that they addressed was the Application Programming Interface (API) or bots. The OKEx staff stated that one does not need any coding knowledge to automate trades on the platform. They stated that APIs are integrated into the trading dashboard.

“You can basically go fully automated by choosing the AI option and just setting the order amount in Tether (USDT), or you can manually set your parameters, including the upper and lower price limits, for the asset you want to trade.”

OKEx talks about the DeFi hub

The staff also talked about the products and services available on the exchange and the best staking opportunities in the market. The response on this was that DeFi was a new area that the exchange was exploring. They stated that traders can switch between trading and DeFi offerings on the website or through the app.

“It’s basically like a bridge between the worlds of CeFi and DeFi – OKEX brings DeFi to you in one cohesive interface.”

The OKEx staff further stated that to use the DeFi mode, all that one needed was an OKEx account. Moreover, users have to connect their Web 3.0 wallet, track their wallets and monitor all their DeFi assets from a single platform.

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