Saudi Shiba Price Going Up – Here’s Why

Almost every meme currency has profited from the recent meme coin mania, which has resulted in a price increase.

While the initial enthusiasm has passed, several meme coins are mounting in the meme coin market that are exhibiting good results and has the potential to yield considerable profits.

The Saudi Shiba Inu and the Tamadoge are two of the most popular meme coins that have lately been minted.

Saudi Shiba Inu (SAUDISHIB), a token derived from the Shiba Inu, outperformed its competitors on August 29, growing by more than 170% in one day, resulting in a $2.32 exchange rate.

After dipping to $2,043 e-9, the rise faded for half an hour and lasted through the European day.

Meanwhile, the primary cause of the rise was an increase in trade volume, which jumped from $33,000 on August 28 to more than $6 million on August 29.

According to experts, the reason for this sudden growth is the limited edition NFT collection by Saudi Shiba Inu.

Saudi Shiba Inu 5,555 Limited Edition NFT Collection

On August 27, Saudi Shiba Inu tweeted about the new NFT collection becoming available on OpenSea.

“The minting is live,” read the tweet, and the collection now comprises 46 NFTs as of August 29.

According to the OpenSea release, there would be a total of 5,555 possible Saudi Shiba NFTs. “5555 Saudi Shibas are looking for a master and a home!” They will repay you with several fantastic prizes, from which you as the owner will substantially profit!”

Minting options include a wide range of clothing options such as eyes, spectacles, fur color, headdresses, and more.

What Makes the Token Unique?

The canine-inspired altcoin debuted in late July and is now rated #2735 on CoinMarketCap.

“Because the Saudis are going to buy a lot of Shiba Inu and Bitcoins, we decided to create the official Saudi version of Shiba Inu, thus the name Saudi Shiba Inu,” the website says.

Simultaneously, the whitepaper advises potential investors that the information included in the publication is subject to change.

Furthermore, the absence of any legal checks may trigger red lights for particular consumers.

“No regulatory authority or law firm has reviewed or authorized the whitepaper,” the document states.

The document further states that “all information in this whitepaper is not subject to any legislation and cannot be seized under any regulatory or legal authority or any rules of jurisdiction.”

In contrast to other initiatives that concentrate on liquidity pool acquisitions, the project claims to seek to avoid misleading pricing changes.

However, the facts contradict the statements since prices have fluctuated in the last month.

Buyers have been hesitant to purchase the Saudi Shiba Inu for these reasons and have been looking for more dependable options.

One such option is the Tamadoge, which has also shown promising market outcomes in the recent days of its presale.

Tamadoge Launches a Functional Meme Coin

TAMA will assist in filling the gap in the meme coin market. Tamadoge (TAMA) is an efficient cryptocurrency, as evidenced by the project’s successful introduction of its critical commercial service.

Tamadoge is also contemplating the development of a crypto gaming environment where players can mint, nurture, and teach their own doge pets.

Taking care of pets and witnessing them grow up will reward players with in-game “play to earn” elements.

Tamadoge pets can fight against one another in combat to see who can reach the top of the scoreboard.

Tamadoge pet owners can utilize their 3D avatars in the Tamaverse. There will also be an augmented reality app viewer integrated into the Tamaverse.

TAMA is also creating a reputation for itself in the play-to-earn business.

Unlike past P2E systems that failed to thrill players owing to the monotony of their occupations, Tamadoge is developing a delightful platform that does not require any type of previous game battling expertise on the user’s side.

Tamadoge is currently available for pre-order. So far, a total of $3.9 million has been raised, and the beta sale phase has been entirely exhausted.

As the presale price of Tamadoge climbs over time, those who invested early will gain the most.

TAMA’s presale will conclude in the coming weeks, with the business expecting to raise at least $10 million in total.

This will open the path for Tamadoge to move on with the following stages of its roadmap, including establishing Tamaverse.

Tamaverse is a system that allows players to play games based on their hobbies and win P2E rewards.

Visit Tamadoge

Tamadoge over Saudi Shiba Inu

Even if SAUDISHIB succeeds in raising the price, it appears that it will struggle to keep it. Investors interested in taking advantage of SAUDISHIB’s decline may be optimistic about it.

However, if you are a serious investor, you should hedge your bet with the meme currencies that presently provide the most risk-reward potential.

In other words, investing in TAMA rather than SAUDISHIB for a more diversified, risk-controlled portfolio makes sense. However, for the best investment, go bullish on TAMA.

Tamadoge’s presale has only been up for three weeks, yet it has already raised $3.5 million.

One billion TAMA tokens (50 percent of the total supply) are accessible in 100 million installments, with the prices rising with every phase.

TAMA tokens are enticing since there is no transaction fee, and 65% of monthly tokens are offered as rewards to participants.

Tamadoge, on the other hand, is only getting warmed up, and given its current design, it is projected to see a parabolic price spike once it is released from presale.

The meme coin will be available for purchase by the general public in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Bitcoin presales, such as Tamadoge, are a low-cost way to spend your excess bitcoin, especially during bear months.

While other cryptocurrencies may fall or rise, presales such as Tamadoge may position traders to profit 10x to 100x.

Visit the Tamadoge website for additional information.

Tamadoge Contract

To add the Tamadoge token to your wallet, use the contact information below.

Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8

Decimals: 18

Token symbol: TAMA

Website link:

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