Solana releases energy report showing it is greener than Google

The Solana network has stood out in the crypto space because of its high levels of scalability. Now, the network seems to be rising above top tech firms because of its efficiency. A recent report showed that a transaction on Solana’s blockchain consumed less energy than two Google searches.

Currently, proof-of-work blockchains such as Bitcoin are facing much criticism because of energy intensity. However, Solana’s proof-of-history consensus has resulted in the network’s major gains.

Solana is greener than Google

According to the latest Energy Use Report from Solana for November 2021, the Solana Foundations stated that one transaction on Solana’s blockchain consumed 1836 Joules of energy.

The foundation compared this to other simple activities that require energy, such as Google searches. One Google search consumes around 1080 Joules, which means that two Google searches consume more energy than one transaction on Solana’s blockchain.

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Moreover, the foundation compared Solana’s energy consumption to charging a mobile phone. Solana transactions require 24 times less energy than charging a mobile phone. The network’s energy consumption is also lower than an LED bulb that consumes 36,000 Joules of energy for one hour.

These energy statistics are even more interesting than Bitcoin, which is believed to use 91 terawatt-hours of energy annually. On the contrary, the annual energy consumption on Solana is equivalent to 3,186,000 kWh annually.

Solana wants to reduce the carbon footprint

The latest energy report from Solana comes amidst discussions on how to reduce carbon emissions. While the crypto sector is being ranked as one of the highest energy consumers, the Solana Foundation seems to be working on reducing its carbon footprint.

The foundation is currently looking ion different ways of reducing the environmental impacts. For the remainder of the year, the organization wants to introduce a program that will help make Solana’s validator network carbon neutral.

The foundation further stated that it would release regular reports on its energy consumption. Ethereum, Solana’s greatest competitor, is battling with high gas fees and electricity bills. Networks now seem to be working towards efficiency and eco-friendliness. Other networks putting effort to become eco-friendly include Ripple, Avalanche and Neon Labs.

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