Who is allowed to be in the Priority investors list of the EuroSwap EDEX project?

Closed communities have always attracted attention. They offer a personal approach, unique advantages and status of the championship.

This happens in the crypto project EuroSwap EDEX. Priority investors get access to closed project groups, they have the lowest prices and personal support from 24/7 professionals.

Even before the launch of the EDEX token on the first crypto exchange, these people will get the possibility of generous Staking with the EDEX token. But who is worthy to be among the Priority investors?

European “bridge” between crypto and euro €

EuroSwap EDEX – European Decentralized Crypto Exchange – is the first European independent cryptocurrency exchanger binded to the fiat Euro . It is also the first DEX in which in a full scale it will be exchanged for fiat money on digital. And if we talk about the globality of the project, Euroswap EDEX, already at the stage of formation, overtakes its “kitchen” competitors like PancakeSwap and BakerySwap.

The case in the direct practicality of the technology that EDEX offers. The project was created first of all to bring new Europeans to the world of the digital economy.

Millions of Europeans find it easier to pay the cryptocurrency with a regular bank card without verifying their personality. This means that the percentage of holders in Europe will grow and digital euro, which is right now in the European Central Bank, there will be at least 25% of the population of Europe by 2024. That is, EuroSwap EDEX becomes an unlawful partner of the ECB and the entire vector of Europe to crypto integration.

On Wednesday, on November 24, the European Council made another major step towards ratifying the regulatory act on cryptocurrency. The digital euro will inevitably appear in the coming years, and the soil for its popularization is already processed by Euroswap. And this is the most important argument in favor of the fact that this project will be much more dynamic than PancakeSwap and the rest of the “kitchen.”

This is a long-term asset that offers a whole continent and the richest union of the world of the world practical technology “Bridge” from an analog economy into digital.

EDEX token guarantees participation in EuroSwap profits

Token EDEX is not a dummy with a fictional benefit, which is designed for entertainment. This is essentially a digital bond, which guarantees its holder ownership and participation in EUROSWAP. The EDEX decentralized Exchange will become self-sufficient at the expense of commissions for sharing between cryptocurrency, as well as fiat patients: 0.3% – crypto, 0.8% – for exchange with a fate euro €.

Therefore, the demand for EDEX tokens is already exceeded by the offer. According to the results of the First phase of the Priority Sale EDEX, the second phase can close early.

According to the Euroswap developer team, EDEX Token is not an attempt to create a digital euro. The European Central Bank is already engaged in the digitization of Euro € at the official level.

European Decentral Crypto Exchange Tockenomics is designed in such a way that each EU resident has the opportunity to own at least one EDEX token – complete emission is 746,000,000 tokens. Blockchain Network Binance Smart Chain allows you to transfer EDEX token from the account to the account in seconds and for the minimum commission to several euro cents.

How to get the opportunity to buy an EDEX token on the current Priority Session?

EuroSwap EDEX explicitly declares that at the Priority Sale stage the project is set to attract large investors who will be the locomotive for all further development and who will ultimately receive the maximum profit from participation in the project. The minimum investment amount is now 499 € ($576), the maximum purchase amount for one account is not more than 1% = 74,600 €.

The project has already created an automatic swap for the first BUSD / EDEX pair. At the beginning of the main PreSale, which is scheduled for December 2021, the developers will launch early Staking – all investors will be able to earn extra EDEX before entering the first trade exchange.

The current phase of the token sale is the Priority Session, where buyers receive the largest benefits in terms of both price and service. For example, these early investors receive personalized support, which will be deprived of buyers who come to the project after the Priority Session.

Also, early investors will have the opportunity to buy 1 EDEX at a price of 0.02 EUR (0.0232 BUSD). You can participate in the early sale of EDEX tokens on the official website euroswap.io or using the manager in the official Telegram bot, as well as automatically on the official Swap app.euroswap.io

EuroSwap EDEX developers are implementing modular marketing, where at each stage of development they reveal new large-scale details of the project. In the Second phase of the Priority Sale, the project will demonstrate reliability and confidence: it will introduce a development team, as well as add EDEX to the Coinmarketcap Calendar & CoinGecko lists.

Priority Sale of EDEX finally ends this week, Saturday 04/12/2021.

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