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Hamster Kombat Hits 239 Million Users In 81 Days

Hamster Kombat, a crypto game launched on the Telegram platform, has garnered an astounding 239 million users within a mere 81 days. Pavel Durov, the


Robinhood agrees $200M deal for crypto exchange Bitstamp

Share this article Popular trading platform Robinhood Markets announced on Thursday that it is acquiring Bitstamp, the leading UK-based regulated crypto exchange. The cost of


Bitcoin Hits Monthly Low Due to Widespread Crypto Selloff

Bitcoin has hit its lowest point in over a month, marking a significant drop in value and sparking widespread concerns across the crypto market. This

Market updates

Stablecoin USDT more popular than Bitcoin in Latin America, Kaiko says

Over 40% of all crypto trades in Latin America involve the USDT stablecoin, signaling a waning interest in Bitcoin, which is even trailing XRP in


Trust Wallet Token (TWT) Price Prediction 2024 2025 2026 2027

Trust Wallet Token Overview Trust Wallet Token Price Change 24h -1.43% Trust Wallet Token Price Change 7d 13.08% Trust Wallet Token Market cap $474,913,616.08 Trust