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Coinbase To Suspend Trading For 41 Non-USD Trading Pairs

Coinbase is set to remove 41 non-USD trading pairs including ALCX/USDT and BIT/USD.  The crypto exchange is suspending the pairs to improve overall market health


Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Is Bullish On On-Chain Games & Ads

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong recently shared his top interest areas in the crypto space.  Armstrong is currently bullish on on-chain ads, on-chain games, Layer 2


Worldcoin Boasts A New User Every 9 Seconds In Argentina Amid Investigation

Worldcoin’s popularity in Argentina has soared in August, with a new signup every nine seconds.  The project’s orbs in four Argentinian cities verified the World


Binance To Phase Out BUSD By 2024

Binance encouraged eligible users to convert their BUSD assets to other stablecoins before February 2024. The exchange added that Binance-Peg BUSD token withdrawals via BNB


Judge In Coinbase Case Threw Out Uniswap Lawsuit

SDNY Judge Katherine Polk Failla ruled that the “self-driving” software Uniswap was not responsible for losses users suffered due to scams and ponzis. Judge Failla


Coinbase Increases Bond Buyback Limit By $30 Million

Coinbase recently announced that it has increased its bond buyback limit by $30 million.  The crypto exchange is now willing to spend $180 million to


Chirpley Takes Flight to Ethereum Chain: Expanding CHRP Horizons in the Crypto Cosmos

Amsterdam, 15th January — Chirpley, the dynamic influencer marketplace, has embarked on a transformative journey by spreading its wings to the Ethereum chain. This strategic


SpaceCatch Public Beta is coming on 22nd April 2024. The biggest GameFi event of this month is here

SpaceCatch, one of the most professional and notable GameFi projects in Web3 this year, has announced its Public Beta launch. The most important day in


Enter the SpaceCatch Universe Public Beta Ready to Play!

However, there is still time for those who haven’t registered to secure their spot in the beta testing phase. As the doors to SpaceCatch swing


FuturesAI: the Jigsaw Puzzle of Your Crypto Trading

Many traders feel like crypto futures trading is a complex jigsaw puzzle with countless pieces scattered everywhere, where you meticulously research the market, analyze charts,