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Mega Whale Holdings Hit Highest Levels In Two Years

Bitcoin whales have been consistently accumulating BTC since the beginning of the year amidst a bullish future outlook for the crypto industry. These elevated whale


Crypto Market Jolted by MakerDAO’s $1 Billion Investment in Tokenized Treasuries

MakerDAO, the leading DeFi platform, has revealed a significant $1 billion investment in tokenized US Treasury securities in a move that has rocked the crypto


Bitcoin Approaches Local Bottom Amid Recent Massive BTC Sell-Offs – Bitfinex

Bitcoin continues to struggle with regaining its upward momentum after dropping from the $62,800 level about a week ago, fueling speculations of an imminent further


Ripple Intensifies Defense With New Submission In SEC Case

Ripple Labs has filed a notice of supplemental authority to bolster its stance in the enduring legal face-off with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Hang Tight! Robert Kiyosaki Says Bitcoin Is Taking Off Into The Banana Zone

In an advisory to his wide range of followers, Robert Kiyosaki, financial educator, and acclaimed author, has urged investors to hold on as Bitcoin prepares


History and Evolution of the Metaverse Concept

A Metaverse is a virtual 3D environment accessible over the internet. Users may engage in collaborative activities and/or one-on-one conversations with each other or computer-generated


Shiba Inu Team Member Teases New Game Development, What Could It Be?

In an exciting development for the Shiba Inu community, the project’s team member and the head of developers, Shytoshi Kusama, has teased an upcoming game


Is Solana EVM Compatible and What Does It Actually Mean?

Solana (SOL), a rapidly growing blockchain platform, has been turning heads in the crypto industry because of its remarkable scalability and transaction speed. However, one


El Salvador Views Bitcoin as a Tool to Liberate the Nation From Fiat Currencies

Felix Ulloa, Vice-President of El Salvador, stated that the government has considered de-dollarizing the country and returning to its national currency, the colon. However, he


Nicehash Partners With Marathon to Launch Custom Firmware for ASIC Bitcoin Miners

The bitcoin hashing power marketplace, Nicehash, has launched custom software for ASIC miners optimized for its mining platform. The firmware is designed to help miners