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Disclosure: This article does not represent investment advice. The content and materials featured on this page are for educational purposes only. hosts $10K (USDT) poker tourney on CoinPoker, free to join. recently announced it is hosting a $10K (USDT) free-to-enter poker tournament on CoinPoker. The event will occur at 7 pm GMT on June 16th. You can gain entry with the code BITCOIN2024! 

How to enter freeroll poker tournament

The steps below outline how to join the poker giveaway.

  1. Create a free account on No KYC is required because CoinPoker is a decentralized protocol. You only need a crypto wallet and phone number/email for account recovery.
  2. Download the CoinPoker desktop software or app—it’s currently available on MAC, Windows, and Android, and iOS will also be available soon.
  3. Log in to your CoinPoker account with MetaMask or email.
  4. Select “Tournaments” from the CoinPoker navigation menu.
  5. Click “Free” under the “Buy In” option, or sort the tournaments alphabetically.
  6. Find the $10,000 FREEROLL tournament and enter with the password BITCOIN2024!

The CoinPoker interface will display tournaments based on your local time. This means the tournament will occur in the early hours of 17 June for some users.

Since it is decentralized, CoinPoker is available worldwide with no geographical restrictions. announces $10k giveaway in Coinpoker freeroll tournament - 1

CoinPoker, a leading crypto poker provider 

CoinPoker launched in 2017 and has become one of the go-to places for online poker. The platform hosts some of the highest stakes matchups, but it also offers many freeroll events, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of skill level or bankroll.

A mix of tournament and cash buy-in games are on offer. On the tournament front, CoinPoker hosts high-octane online series like its CSOP (crypto series of poker) and the CSOP+, which provided $25 million in guaranteed prize pools this year.

Meanwhile, it has an expansive range of cash buy-in games, with stakes ranging from $0.02/$0.05 up to $500/$1000. The upper echelon of these games is frequented by the industry’s most well-known talent. Catch some of these gripping high-stakes showdowns on the CoinPoker YouTube channel.

Native crypto token for rewards

CoinPoker also has its own native cryptocurrency, CHP, which provides rakeback bonuses to holders. They can garner a 33% rakeback on all matches, and new users get a 150% matching bonus up to $2,000 on their first deposit.

The team is expected to announce the launch of an ICO second utility token in the coming weeks. This token will offer benefits like staking rewards and incentivize streamers and broadcasters to use the platform.

CoinPoker’s CHP token has enjoyed a multi-year upward trajectory since its launch in 2019, and its recent price performance has outpaced market leader Bitcoin. 

For more information, follow the project on X or join the Telegram community.

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