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PIXELYNX and Animoca Brands, in collaboration with Banijay Brands, have launched the non-fungible token (NFT) collection “Black Mirror Experience: Smile Club”, based on the episode “Nosedive” of the TV series. According to the announcement from Mar. 12, the Smile Club is the first of more digital experiences yet to come related to the Black Mirror franchise.

The collection sold out in less than three hours, and users were able to mint customized characters using Ethereum’s layer-2 blockchain Base, backed by crypto exchange Coinbase. Those characters can be used in different digital quests, related to a ‘social status’ dynamic that rewards users based on the number of quests they were able to complete. The initiative also includes live episodic content, with the first pilot episode going live this week in partnership with BasedAF, a virtual production channel.

Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology currently streamed on Netflix and is currently in its sixth season, which debuted on June 15, 2023. The series delivered over 1 billion minutes of viewing time in the United States on the week it was released, taking the number one spot of most watched shows in that period.

Moreover, the project kicked off with an event in Times Square featuring partnerships with cultural icons such as Transmoderna and deadmau5.

PIXELYNX is the company co-founded in 2020 by Inder Phull and a few technology enthusiasts from the music industry, such as deadmau5 and Plastikman, focused on building projects in the entertainment ecosystem.

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