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In an exciting development for the Shiba Inu community, the project’s team member and the head of developers, Shytoshi Kusama, has teased an upcoming game update designed specifically for the SHIBArmy, while sharing key information regarding the game. This news suggests a big improvement coming soon to the Shiba Inu ecosystem, aiming to increase participation and extend the use of the SHIB coin.

Shiba Inu Game To Provide Unique Opportunities

Shiba Inu team member and marketing lead Lucie shared the update on the X (formerly Twitter) platform on Thursday in Shytoshi Kusama’s words. It is important to note that before this information from Kusama, Lucie had hinted at an impending SHIB Eternity game, while expressing her excitement and anticipation toward the initiative.

Lucie noted that holders of the Shiboshis NFTs, a collection of 10,000 Shiba Inu pixel art characters will be able to play and earn treats for SHIB in the game with their pieces. “Some people will earn enough to live off renting their Shiboshis, while others will enjoy the game and earn by having fun,” she stated.

Kusama offering more details regarding the game noted that at completion, the game will solely be licensed to the decentralized Shiba Inu team for use on the project’s layer 2 blockchain solution Shibarium. The team’s main objective is to integrate related decentralized aspects into the mobile version so that future updates can be made.

Furthermore, Kusama highlighted that while Shiba Inu Games is totally apart from this activity, it will present special chances and value to the project’s major tokens such as SHIB, LEASH, and BONE. 

He also underscored potential SHIB and LEASH burns, which will be carried out with the funds made from Shiba Inu’s in-app purchases. “Truly a win-win, and this is just a teaser of what we have planned,” Kusama added.

While specifics are still being kept under wraps, the announcement has already created a lot of discussion among SHIBArmy members, who are speculating about possible gaming features and how they might work with the current environment. This action is considered to be a component of a broader plan to capitalize on the rising interest in blockchain-based games to improve the SHIB’s value and adoption.

Giveaway For Shibarium Users

The announcement comes in light of ongoing speculation regarding an upcoming giveaway from Shibarium users. According to Lucie, there will soon be a giveaway from an NFT art project on the Shiba Inu blockchain for the Shibarium community. 

Specifically, SHIBA SWEEPERS, a community-driven NFT project constructing Shibarium, is the source of the giveaway, introducing its first collection on the blockchain. On July 1, 2024, the collection which consists of 10,000 distinct pieces (3,000 animated NFTs and 7,000 PNGs) will be officially distributed and each piece will cost 7 BONE tokens.

While the community eagerly awaits the launch, SHIBA SWEEPERS organizes freebies and airdrops for the SHIB Army. Community members must join the project’s Telegram group in order to be eligible for the giveaway.

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