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Market updates

Bitget eyes Indian FIU registration following Binance

Bitget, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is collaborating with Indian regulators to secure the necessary licensing to operate in compliance with local laws. On July 3,

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Discover What’s Worth the Hype

Welcome to The Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold – Top 10 List! I’m Zifa, a crypto enthusiast and digital art lover who’s been writing about

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Ripple v. SEC Lawsuit Update July 1st

TL;DR Ripple’s ongoing legal battle with the SEC over XRP sales has seen some favorable rulings for the company. The lawsuit’s outcome is expected to

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Bitcoin ‘tends to bounce back’ in July after negative June

Crypto market analyst Ali Martinez expects a price rebound for the Bitcoin (BTC) price in July after a month of bearish momentum. According to Martinez’s

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Deepfake frauds in crypto spiked by 245% globally, Bitget says

Bitget’s latest report reveals that deepfake-related crypto fraud has resulted in losses exceeding $79.1 billion since 2022, with a 245% increase in 2024 alone. The

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Farcana (FAR) plunges 60% amid reports of hacked wallet

In a now-deleted X post, blockchain game Farcana said that one of its crypto wallets “has been compromised,” triggering a 60% plunge for FAR. Farcana,

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USDC vs USDT & What’s the Difference Between Stablecoins

Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility and can fluctuate rapidly in value. This makes it challenging to use them as a store of value or

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Here’s How Marathon Digital is Using Bitcoin Mining to Heat a Finland Town

Leading digital asset technology firm Marathon Digital has found a way of utilizing the heat from its Bitcoin mining activities. Marathon’s latest announcement revealed that

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Stablecoin USDT more popular than Bitcoin in Latin America, Kaiko says

Over 40% of all crypto trades in Latin America involve the USDT stablecoin, signaling a waning interest in Bitcoin, which is even trailing XRP in

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Australia’s largest bank shuts down stablecoin project: report

The National Australia Bank has reportedly stopped developing its own stablecoin called AUDN just a year after it first disclosed such plans. The National Australia